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Iles Elementary School / Lubbock ISD
School nickname: Crusaders
2401 Date Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79404
Phone: (806) 766-1755
School website.
Principal: Brian Yearwood
Grades taught: K-06
Students: 293
Teachers: 28
Feeds: Dunbar Junior High School
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Iles Elementary School is a fine arts magnet school.

It has an enclosed gymnasium with a stage and an outside performance amphitheater. The school also has an in-house TV station, and a school-wide intranet.

The building, built in 1936, was originally named Dunbar High School. In 1950, as part of a rededication ceremony, it was renamed Ella Iles Elementary, in honor of one of its outstanding founding teachers.

The school has computers in all its classrooms, as well as its computer lab. About 40 percent of the school's computers are connected to the Internet, said a school official.

There are 20 Dell computers in the lab, and an average of one Dell computer and three Macintosh computers per classroom.

The students' parents are very involved in the school's volunteer program, and Iles hosts at least one parental activity per month, a school official said.

The parent teacher association contributes to both staff and student achievement, said a school representative.

Iles hosts numerous activities during the year, including Diez y Siez in September, a talent show in October, a Bosses' Night performance in November, a piano and orchestra recital in December, as well as Crusader Club and fine arts programs during the month.

In February, the school hosts a Black History Bowl -- a test of students' knowledge about famous African-American figures -- and sponsors a Black History parade.

March brings the Iles Piano Recital, and, in April, the school showcases its gymnastics and dance programs. The school celebrates several more events during the spring.

For a complete look at the state's report card for Iles Elementary School click here.


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