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Martin Early Childhood School / Lubbock ISD

School nickname: n/a Address:
3315 E. Broadway St.
Lubbock, TX 79403
Phone: (806) 766-1788
School district's website.
Principal: Beth Burkhalter
Grades: pre-K
Students: 318
Teachers: 24
Academic Excellence Indicator System report.

Martin was built in 1961 as a traditional elementary school but was switched to a district early childhood campus in 1995.

The enrollment typically is about 350 4- and 5-year-olds.

The well-maintained building has had recent upgrades supported by a one-time Federal Head Start grant.

Two years ago a new roof was installed, and during the 2001 school year a new bus drive and covered walk enhanced safety for the children coming and going from school.

During the 2001 school year, an extensive outdoor learning facility was added to support children as they construct logical and mathematical understandings of their world. The school curriculum includes emergent language and literacy concepts.

Martin also features a gymnasium used to promote motor skills development for children in all kinds of weather.

All classrooms at Martin are equipped with Dell computers for both teacher and student access.

Currently only the office and library computers are Internet-ready, but the administration expects all classroom computers to be upgraded soon as rewiring of the building is slated to be completed during 2001.

Martin has an active parent education program, affording most parents a variety of supportive opportunities. The parenting program offers both day and evening educational and recreational experiences with the children.

Many parent-volunteers add to Martin's programs. The school has a family specialist dedicated to the development and implementation of a quality parent involvement program.

Each year, in the fall, families are invited to attend an open house. Martin also hosts a Family Fun Night and Health Fair, and an evening focused on the importance of dads at the Poppin' With Pops event.

The school also invites parents to visit during Learning Day, as well as scheduled Stay-and-Play times, and Thanksgiving and Christmas lunches.

In the spring, the school hosts a Safety Fair, inviting community agencies to share information with families. And Cinco de Mayo is a fun school-community opportunity conducted every spring. Martin also hosts a Chuck Wagon event.

Stay-and-Play events continue through the spring semester, giving parents an opportunity to learn alongside their child.

Martin provides programs for children who qualify for pre-kindergarten classes under Texas Education Agency guidelines.

The Lubbock Independent School District is a grantee for the Federal Head Start Program, and children who qualify under Head Start guidelines attend classes at Martin.

Martin's school philosophy is that all children can learn when developmentally appropriate practices are provided.

For a complete look at the state's report card for Martin Early Childhood School click here.


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